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V3 Lacrosse not only focuses on the player development of every athlete we work with, but also assists with the college recruitment process by partnering with ConnectLAX. Our goal is to help athletes showcase their abilities to college coaches. This visibility will give athletes the opportunity to play at the next level, receive scholarships, and continue to learn and grow as a collegiate lacrosse player.

Our Collegiate High School players receive this service for free. It is included in their registration.


ConnectLAX helps recruits showcase their game, simplify the recruiting process and connect with college coaches.

Recruits create a mobile recruiting profile linked to their team or company roster. This shares the recruiting attention of each player across the entire roster.

Recruits showcase their game to college coaches in the Recruit Finder directory, where coaches find, evaluate and connect with players that fit their recruiting classes.

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Recruits get matched to schools that fit on and off the field and can track which coaches open their emails and click on their profile, saving time and focusing their efforts.

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Recruits bookmark and organize their target colleges, which their coaches can track online to better assist in the recruiting process. Mobile recruiting profiles put a player’s information in one place and at the fingertips of every college coach.

College coaches can view and message our recruits on the ConnectLAX company page.