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Thank you for your interest in coaching with V3 Lacrosse!  

To apply as a V3 Lacrosse Coach, Assistant Coach, Specialty Coach or Program Instructor, please complete Steps #1 & #2 below.  

If you have note been previously confirmed as a Coach, one of our Directors will contact you within one week of receiving your application.

If you are selected as a Coach, Assistant Coach, Specialty Coach or Program Instructor, you must complete the remainder of the checklist below The Program will reimburse V3 Select Coaches, Assistant Coach, Specialty Coach or Program Instructor for his or her US Lacrosse Membership and for Level 1 Instructional Clinic registration costs below.  

All steps below, except the Instructional Clinics (depending on the local schedule), must be completed prior to the beginning of the first season you are coaching.

Please note that applying as a Coach does not guarantee acceptance unless you have been informed otherwise by a Program Director. 

COACHING CHECKLIST: Click on the links in blue, below.  

STEP #1: US Lacrosse Membership

STEP #2:  Complete a Coaching Application

  • The registration process will ask you to update your USL number and will walk you through the NCSI background check process

  • There is no charge for this, as it is billed directly billed to the Program

STEP #3: US Lacrosse Level 1 Online Course

STEPS 4 - 8 may be taken in the order you choose.  Below is our recommended path, depending on the timing of on-site instructional clinics.

STEP #4: US Lacrosse Level 2 Online Course

STEP #5: Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal online course

STEP #6: NFHS Concussion Course

STEP #7: Boys' Coaches only - How to Make Proper Contact in Boy's & Men's Lacrosse

STEP #7 / 8: Level 1 Instructional Clinic

  • Clinics are 3 hours in length and available nationwide, October through March annually and also at the US Lacrosse National Convention in January. (We will post information regarding regional clinics as they become available.)

  • Click HERE for a listing of the upcoming listings on the US Lacrosse website. Contact your local administrator to find out if a live session will be available, or attend the PCA workshop at the US Lacrosse National Convention (free with convention registration). Some Level 1 clinics have PCA included, please check the USL website for information. Send proof of PCA completion to 

  • BOYS Level 1 Instructional Clinic

  • GIRLS Level 1 Instructional Clinic


  • When USL has all of these requirements on record (the only one YOU have to tell us about is your PCA, we track the rest automatically), you will receive a notification of certification completion and a certification card to follow. 

  • You can always track what USL has on record by logging into your USL account at  http://usl.ebiz.uapps.net/personifyebusiness/MyAccount.aspx 

Currently, once you earn Level 1 certification, you do not need to re-certify. To maintain a current, non-expired certification, you simply need to:

  1. Keep your membership current by renewing every year—view your expiration date in your USL account

  2. Renew your USL/NCSI Background Screening every 2 years after the first screening. Not sure when to do this? Check your expiration date in your USL account.