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SUMMER 2016 ADDITION: Parisi Speed Training! 

The Parisi training system is a nationally renowned youth training program for athletes 7 years old all the way to the pros. Parisi Speed School EMPOWERS athletes to improve their athletic performance by focusing on SPEED , strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, and SELF CONFIDENCE. If you or your team are looking to get faster, get stronger, and DOMINATE any sport, Parisi Speed School at Wareings Gym will get you there.

The Parisi Speed School's LACROSSE Team Training Program will:

Increase Speed enabling you to:
  • Outrun opponents
  • Break away from defenders
  • Perform at your highest level the ENTIRE game
Increase Quickness for improved:
  • First step
  • Reaction to opponent
  • Ability to evade defense
Increase Total Body Strength for improved:
  • Shooting Speed
  • Hitting Power
  • Chance of avoiding injury